With FSXFollow and FsXpand you can practive take-off and approaches on any airport you wish

ID City Name Details
MO99 Climax Springs Miller Details
FSSR Remire Eagle Is Details
W31 Kenbridge Lunenburg Co Details
5AR7 Weiner Keller Airfield Details
8OA6 Vickery Warner Airstrip Details
SA28 Nanco Lauquen Nanco Lauquen Details
SANL La Rioja Capitan V. Almandos Almonacid Details
HLZA Zella 74 Zella 74 Details
LL44 Peru Trovero Details
EIKL Kilkenny Kilkenny Details
51MO Advance Georger Farms Details
SSNW Fazenda Buriti Fazenda Buriti Details